Relief from Neck Pain

Chiropractic Can Relieve Your Neck Pain!

Your neck is subject to physical and emotional stress every day, and that can spell PAIN later on! Join the millions of people
who are now pain-free because of chiropractic care.
Choose chiropractic and eliminate your neck pain!

A Real "Pain
in the Neck"

"Chiropractors are specially trained to deal with pain of spinal origin."
    Pain is a signal that something is wrong. It’s your body’s way of telling you that you need help!

    The stress of day-to-day living is difficult enough. But when you’re in pain, life can be unbearable! That’s why it’s important to take care of yourself. If you suffer from neck pain or stiffness, you should seek professional chiropractic care. Chiropractors are especially trained to deal with pain related to spinal problems. And chiropractic has been scientifically proven to relieve neck pain!

Read on to discover how chiropractic can help ease your pain!


Your "Vulnerable" Neck

   Your neck performs a delicate balancing act everyday. As funny as it may sound, just by holding up your head your neck balances the equivalent of a 10-pound ball on the end of a stick! That’s hard work!

    Not only does your neck have the difficult job of balancing your head, it also houses vital blood vessels and nerves, along with the thyroid glands, the larynx, the esophagus, the trachea, the brainstem, the spinal cord, and the spinal column!

    Any neck injury must be taken seriously and closely evaluated. Even "minor" injuries can cause "major" problems when it comes to your neck.

    Unfortunately, traditional methods of treating neck pain don’t always get to the root of the problem. You may have been told before that you should "take two aspirin" and take it easy for a while.

    However, resting your neck can actually cause further injury to your neck because your muscles begin to deteriorate when you don’t use them. By taking harmful drugs or "babying" your neck, you may actually be making your neck problem worse!


What Chiropractic Can Do For You...

    Chiropractic takes an active approach toward ending your neck pain. Rather than just giving you pain relievers to treat your symptoms, we can find and correct the cause of your pain.

    You may be suffering from neck pain as a result of a "whiplash" injury from an automobile accident or fall. Or, you may complain of pain in your neck from sitting in front of a computer all day, lifting heavy objects, or even picking up a child!

    Chiropractic adjustments can restore proper function to the vertebrae, muscles, and ligaments in your neck. Dr. Weber may also recommend exercises that you can do at home to strengthen your muscles and restore normal range of motion to your neck.

    Your neck pain could also be the result of referred pain. This occurs when stress on your nervous system or degeneration of your tissue produces pain in another area.

    With gentle chiropractic adjustments, we can eliminate interference from subluxations and degeneration along your spine, and restore proper nerve flow. Whatever the cause, chiropractic is serious care for a serious problem.

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Scientifically Proven Relief!

    Studies have shown that chiropractic is safe and effective care for your neck pain. One study, funded by "National Chiropractic Mutual Insurance Company, found that chiropractic is a safer approach to neck pain than prescribing pain killing medication, which can have dangerous side effects.

    Another study, published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in 1995, found chiropractic to be more effective than using acetaminophen (aspirin or Tylenol). Patients who received chiropractic care reported significant improvement in their neck pain and neck function than those patients taking aspirin or Tylenol. Chiropractic patients had better strength in range of motion after treatment as well.

    The results are in! Chiropractic is proven relief for your neck pain.


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