Weber Family Chiropractic

Policies, Forms, and Patient's Rights Information   (Adobe Acrobat Required)

Notice of Health Information Privacy Practices
Consent to Use and Disclose Health Information
Authorization For Release of Information
Privacy Officer Job Description
Authorization for Use and Discloser
Notice of Disclosure for Risk Adjustment
Notice of Health Information Practices
Patient Right to Request Alternate Method of Communication
Patient Right to Request Restrictions of the Use and Disclosure of Health Information
Patient Right to Request Amendment or Correction of Health Information
Patient Right to Inspect and/or Copy Health Information
Patients Request for Accounting of Health Information Disclosure
Complaints, Sanctions, and Mitigations
Business Associates
Business Associate Addendum
Employee Training (Confidentiality)
HIPAA Record Retention
HIPAA Privacy Rule Overview
Minimum Necessary Standards
Marketing Practices
Destruction of Health Information
Technical and Physical Safeguards

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